Character Information

Bobert is a robot that goes to Elmore Junior High , and is by far the smartest student in the school besides The Eggheads and Anais .


As a robot, Bobert has trouble perceiving life and emotions. He perceives most events as equations; to him, emotion is equal to "x/y + √h". His perfectionism as a robot also causes him to over-do a lot of things.


He demonstrates this in The Third , where he punches Gumball through a wall during a friendly game of punchies, and in The Robot , where he kicks the soccer ball into the sun instead of passing it back to Tobias. These characteristics make him a social outcast among his classmates.


Despite all of this, Bobert has been seen showing some emotions. In The Mystery, Bobert was able to laugh for a while before shorting out. Also, in The Robot , he showed love, laughter, and sadness, though the third one may have just been a calculated tactic to try to stop Gumball from rebooting him.

Episode Appearances

The Third : He punched Gumball through the school wall.

The End : He was in Miss Simian's class.

The Dress : When Gumball was wearing Nicole 's dress to school, he asked Gumball to copy from his work.

The Ghost : He had a short-circuit, when Gumball showed off his ghost-proof breath.

The Mystery : He told what happened when Principal Brown had been tormented.

The Kiss : He was cheering Gumball on, when he was doing drama-therapy

The Party : He told Darwin what a date means and he was dancing with Anton and Banana Joe.

The Robot : When Bobert took over Gumball's life to be a real boy.