Character Information

Carmen is a cactus and a friend of Gumball and Darwin . She is the head cheerleader amongst the other girls. She returns Alan ’s feelings even though she knows it will never be. She tries her best not to hurt Alan because she knows he can pop easily by her pointy hair. She is clearly heard speaking in The Mystery. After Penny turned Gumball down in The End , He turned to Carmen and asked her to marry him. In The Party , her date was Banana Joe , who she is seen happily running off with. This has confused fans, as it is told that Alan and Carmen both return their feelings for each other.


She is a little, green anthropomorphic cactus with her pointy needles serving as hair. She has small black eyes and mouth. She has thin line-like arms and legs.


  • Carmen is a leader among the girls, meaning that's she's one of the smartest and capable people in the school.
  • She also puts a lot of pressure on herself and gets extremely upset when she fails at something.
  • Out of all the girls, Carmen is also the most serious and focused out of all of them, dedicating nearly all her time to her studies.