Jamie  is a minor character in The Amazing World of Gumball. Jamie has not yet been seen very frequently, making only small appearances. Her first appearance was a cameo in Dress The Dress. Her latest appearance, also in a cameo, was in [http:// The Robot]. She has yet to make any important roles in an episode. She is one of the many minor characters to be done in CGI style.

Jamie vaguely resembles a lion like yak. She has orange hair that covers almost all her head and slightly covers her eyes, making her look mischievous. Her arms and legs are somewhat stumpy, and she has a short, cat-like tail. Her outfit consists of a dark green pair of pants and a white t-shirt.

Jamie is a tomboy and a tough cookie. She's Tina's sidekick and also loves to pick on people. Jamie was held back a year by Miss Simian, causing her to become resentful of the rules and her new classmates.