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AlbertAlligatorsAnais Watterson
AntonBanana JoeBanana Joe's Room
Banana joe's parentsBandage paramedicsBattle Axe
Because We're MenBertBlue Elephant
BobertBobert's HouseCarmen
Carmen's FatherCarrieCharlie
ChristmasClaytonDarwin Watterson
Darwin Watterson/GalleryEgg DadEggheads
Elmore Junior HighGranny JojoGumball's Great Grandfather
Gumball WattersonGumball Watterson/GalleryHalloween
Hector The GiantIdahoJamie
JukeKwesi BoakyeLarry Needlemyer
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List of Episodes Season 3List of Episodes Season 4List of Episodes Season 5
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Mr SmallNicole WattersonPatrick Fritsreld
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Refunding SongRichard WatersonRichard Watterson
Richard Watterson/GalleryRobRocky
The AdviceThe AllergyThe Amazing World Of Gumball Wiki
The Amazing World of Gumball Theme.The ApeThe Apology
The ApprenticeThe AuthorityThe Awkwardness
The BananaThe BetThe Blame
The BoomboxThe BoredumThe Boss
The BrosThe BumpkinThe Burden
The BusThe ButterflyThe Car
The CastleThe CheckThe Choices
The ClubThe CoachThe Code
The ColossusThe ComicThe Compilation
The CopycatsThe CountdownThe Crew
The CurseThe DVDThe Date
The DebtThe DetectiveThe Disaster
The DownerThe DreamThe Dress
The EggThe EndThe Extras
The FanThe FightThe Finale
The FlakersThe FlowerThe Fraud
The FridgeThe FriendThe Fury
The FussThe GameThe Genius
The GhostThe GiThe Gift
The GirlfriendThe GoonsThe Gripes
The GuyThe HelmetThe Hero
The HugThe Hut 17 ClubThe Internet
The JobThe JoyThe Kids
The KissThe KnightsThe Law
The LaziestThe LessonThe Lie
The LimitThe LoopholeThe Love
The ManThe MeddlerThe Microwave
The MirrorThe MisunderstandingsThe Money
The MothersThe MoveThe Mustache
The MysteryThe NameThe Nemesis
The NestThe NightThe Nobody
The Old MenThe OracleThe Origins (Part 1)
The Origins (Part 2)The OthersThe Outside
The PaintingThe ParasiteThe Parking
The PartyThe PasswordThe Pest
The PhoneThe PhotoThe Picnic
The PizzaThe PlanThe Points
The PoltergeistThe PonyThe Potato
The PrankThe PressureThe Procrastinators
The PromiseThe PuppyThe Quest
The QuestionThe RecipeThe Refund
The RemoteThe RerunThe Responsible
The ReturnThe RobotThe Romantic
The RootsThe RoutineThe Safety
The SaintThe SaleThe Scam
The SecretThe ShellThe Sidekick
The SignalThe SignatureThe Skull
The SlapThe SlideThe Society
The SockThe SpoilerThe Spoon
The StoriesThe StormThe Supermarket
The SweatersThe TagThe Tape
The TestThe ThirdThe Traitor
The TreasureThe TriangleThe Upgrade
The UploadsThe VacationThe Vase
The VirusThe VisionThe Voice
The VoidThe WandThe Watch
The WickedThe WordsThe World
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