Nicole Rose Watterson (Nicole Rose Sakamoto)
Character Information

Nicole Watterson (also known as Mrs. Watterson, Mom, Mrs. Mom, or simply Nicole) is the fourth main character in The Amazing World of Gumball. Nicole plays the role as the mother in the Watterson family and works at the Rainbow Factory. She is the most and maybe the only responsible one in the family. Like Gumball, she is a cat. For this reason, and the fact that Gumball is her son, they look similar. She is voiced by British voice actress Teresa Gallagher.


Richard Watterson

Gumball Watterson

Darwin Watterson

Anais Watterson

Nicole's AppearanceEdit

Nicole, like her son Gumball , is a blue cat. Her head shape is almost exactly like Gumball' s, but with shorter whiskers, and eyelashes. She is usually wearing a bluish-white shirt with a gray skirt, which is possibly the Rainbow Factory uniform. It most likely is, because she wears a red, yellow and green button on her shirt, which could likely symbolize the Rainbow Factory.

Nicole's PersonalityEdit

Nicole can be a very demanding mother. She has a very short and hot temper. She can get inhumanly angry at times. For example, when Gumball was talking back to her, she punched a hole in the door. She loves her husband, Gumball and Anais very much, no matter how much trouble they cause. She is also very sincere and dedicated to her family, willing to work long hours at the Rainbow Factory just to put dinner on the table. In Gumball' s eyes, when she is angry, she is more terrifying than Tina Rex , a fact which Darwin points out in The Quest.


According to her bio on the official website , she strangely loves winning, and has a very competitive spirit.

She is also very athletic, as shown when she chased Gumball and Darwin across their neighborhood in The DVD.

Nicole is voiced by a British actress putting on an American accent.

She wears a rainbow pin at all times; which most likely stands for the rainbow factory where she works at.

In the episode The Painting , apparently, she goes crazy when she tries to relax, so she needs to constantly have something to clean or work on. She might have a cleaning OCD.

It might be possible that she is one of the more aggressive characters on the show, but only because she cares.

Apparently for a school dance "Richard " asked her out, and forever more became married.

She could be the phone operater or a costumer service worker at the Rainbow Factory because despite it being a factory, her work uniform doesnt resemble a 'factory' uniform, but rather a office uniform or more off a college uniform.

She seems to quite enjoy doing puzzles as seen in The Goons , then takes pictures of the completed puzzle.

Nicole is similar to Marge Simpson from The Simpsons and Lois Griffin from Family Guy.


Nicole Crazy
The gallery for Nicole can be found here .

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