Principal Brown
Character Information

Principal Nigel Brown is the principal of Junior High Elmore Junior High. Because he is madly in love with Miss Simian and he is father of Brown's Son Principal Brown's Son, he's not very responsible when it comes to running the school and doesn't seem to care about the well being of the students that much.


Principal Brown is the principal of Elmore Junior High. He has a massive crush on Gumball 's teacher Miss Simian and they are constantly flirting, much to the dismay of anyone who isn't Principal Brown or Miss Simian . Because he spends most of his time thinking about and trying to please her, he doesn't pay much attention to the students. In addition to this, Principal Brown has also been shown to get into The Watterson's personal business, like in The Painting . Although in The Genius , he didn't care at all that The Wattersons would never see their son Darwin again. However, the Wattersons got Darwin back. Principal Brown got beat up by Gumball 's brain and the Wattersons trick governement to take Rocky .