Character Information

Her appearance resembles Tobias , but with the multiple bright colors on her hair instead of her body. In The End , she is seen in a park with Juke , Teri and possibly her friend's parent and baby sibling. In The Third , she is seen talking with Carrie when Tina squashed Idaho, Ocho and Anton . In The Pressure she was seen in the cafeteria. In The Party , she hosts a party for her friends, and is blackmailed into inviting Tobias and his classmates as well. However, she makes the condition that in order for them to come, they must bring dates. She may be dating Darwin , though it is unknown if she would date an underclassman. However, it is possible that she may have fallen in love with him, despite the fact that she only kissed him on the cheek. Darwin may also have a crush on Rachel. Rachel is like Gumball because they are blue cats.

Quotes Some of you are not invited! And all you have to bring a date.