Character Information

Teri is a minor character in The Amazing World of Gumball. She is a hypochondriac, and can usually be found in the Nurse's Office. Despite her being a bit self-absorbed, she's a very nice girl.

Teri is a crumpled paper bear. She has a light and airy voice. She is also never seen as much as the other characters, possibly because she spends most of her time in the nurse's office. She seems to be 3-D, as she can wave her hand and show her wrists, which has no drawings on it. Her dress is molded onto her legs, which suggests that it is a sort of jumper.

Teri is a hypochondriac, meaning that she has a habit of believing that she has a number of ailments that are more than likely all in her head. Because of this, Teri spends most of her time in the Nurse's Office. Aside from this, Teri seems to be a member of the Elmore Junior High cheerleading squad and is also one of the Treehouse Girls. She apperered in The Dress , The Kiss , The Pressure , The Mystery , The Party. Teri is friends with Masami . In the Party, She slapped Gumball .