Template:Spoilerstart The episode starts out with Miss Simian teaching upfront. Every time she turns around the children gasp. In disgust, they do whatever they can to block the repulsive sight. Gumball and Darwin decide to write her a note, and fold it into a paper airplane to throw at her. However, the paper airplane accidentally flies into her eye.

Next, they are in the office, as Miss Simian yells about how bad Gumball and Darwin are to Principal Brown. Principal Brown asks why the boys threw the paper airplane at her, and they respond by telling him to read the message. Miss Simian goes to close the window, right when Principal Brown finally notices that her posterior is exposed. He informs her of the situation, and she is very embarrassed and infuriated. However, the boys aren't punished for their actions, and Principal Brown tells Miss Simian that she should apologize to them. Rather than that, she goes berserk and wrecks his office.

Miss Simian is determined not to apologize, and she conspires to prove that Gumball and Darwin are bad kids. First, Gumball gives her his report card, and Miss Simian takes them to Principal Brown's office in suspicion of forged signature. Richard, whose signature Miss Simian thought the boys forged, is called in to sign a suspension card, and to their surprise, his signature exactly matches the one on the report card.