Template:Spoilerstart Gumball and Darwin are at the school playground, making fun of everyone, when Juke rushes to them. He tries to communicate, but they can't decipher his beatboxing. Gumball states he is not interested in helping Juke, but Darwin insists on doing so.

They head for the library in order to translate Juke's beatbox. While researching, Gumball continues to be insensitive toward Juke, and Darwin calls him out for that. They attempt to use an online translator several times, and when the results come back as "The reign of the ape is no more," Gumball and Darwin take it to be the announcement of Miss Simian's retirement. They wildly run around the school and the world, celebrating her retirement. The other students—and faculty members—join their celebration, only to discover Miss Simian has no plans for retirement.

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