Template:Spoilerstart Richard is driving the kids to school with his GPS guiding him there destructively. During the trip, Gumball questions the purpose of getting a job and Richard explains it's to earn money to buy things which in turn keeps others in their job. No longer seeing the point in getting an education for a job, Gumball tries to make a break for freedom by launching himself out of school with the help of Hector. Unfortunately, the plan doesn't work as Gumball falls flat onto the ground and continues to complain about the repetitive nature of life. During a conversation, he learns of Idaho's simpler lifestyle, giving him an idea.

At the Wattersons' house, Richard brings home a bag of fast food for supper, promptly tossing it out the window when he meets Idaho and learns that he's a potato. Nicole tells him that Gumball intends to convert the family to a simpler life, as evidenced in their missing chairs. Gumball then announces that Idaho will show the family "the way to ultimate happiness" (i.e. no electricity, no cars, no supermarkets).

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