In his office, Principal Brown is waxing his body for Miss Simian. He shaves some of his hair, and then he regrows his hair again, and ends up throwing his waxed hair into the garbage can (with some bits missing). The whole time he was shaving, Gumball and Darwin were in his office, and are visibly disturbed by what they just witnessed.

Principal Brown assigns them to watch the school hamster, Chris Morris for the weekend. He also tells them that the hamster is 6 years old, being caged since he was born. Gumball and Darwin protest, with Gumball saying "it looks so old that it can be classified as a mineral". Principal Brown says it's an order, and (picking up Chris Morris from the cage) asks the boys to take good care of it (although he accidentally drops him on the floor). Then he picks him up again, and places him back in the cage. Before Gumball and Darwin can protest again, he tells them to wait for the clock to reach four o'clock. After that, he doesn't care anymore since he's not anymore the principal, and the boys have to do what was assigned to them.

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