Template:Spoilerstart The episode begins with the School Bus arriving at the Wattersons' house. Rocky asks Gumball about why the long face, in which Darwin replies that he tried to stretch his face to make himself look too old for school, but failed when Nicole saw his trick, and Gumball points out that his day was in fact gloomy, then, they enter the school bus as it "drives" off to school. Rocky explains that he doesn't know how they always go to school everyday, and as Gumball points out that he obviously always drives them there, Rocky says that he doesn't have to drive them to school. Gumball, looking back with relief (and accidentally hurting his neck), he questions if the fact that Rocky doesn't need to drive them to school is true, and Rocky replies yes and the fact that since they are on the bus, they could go anywhere. This makes everyone happy and gets ideas where else to go, such as Darwin saying they could under the sea, and Alan points that they should go to school but as he continues to talk, Gumball pops him. Eventually, as Rocky decides to skip school, everyone agrees on going to the water park, and that Rocky says that there is one more stop, as Rocky stops the bus to let in a few people. As the Bus goes near a bridge, Banana Bob, disguised as a criminal, stands on the bridge and uses binoculars to see the bus, and as he attempts to jump to the bus, he falls to the ground, as he discovers he was using the binoculars the wrong way, he gets ran over. The people that entered the bus, seem to be everyone's parents also disguised as criminals, but nobody notices this except Gumball. They point out that they are not going anywhere, as Richard uses a briefcase to scare everyone except Gumball, and that the briefcase has a bomb in it. Gumball tells everyone that they are just their parents trying to teach them a lesson, and he points out Principal Brown hasn't even changed his name, in which Brown attempts to reply that he did.

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