he episode begins with Anais rudely awakening her mother, demanding that she gets out of bed to take her the "Daisy the Donkey On Ice" show. Nicole refuses and tells her she's too tired, but Anais blackmails her with a tape recording of Nicole contradicting herself by calling any parent who wouldn't take their child to watch it a "horrible mother". Nicole gives in and tells Anais that they would go. Downstairs, Nicole comes down to inform Richard to keep an eye on Gumball and Darwin in the meantime as he tries out a weight loss machine. Richard assures Nicole that nothing would go wrong as the boys are only playing their made-up game and that Richard is there to watch—a thought that heavily worries Nicole. Outside, Gumball makes a contraption to launch a ball to the moon as a response to a card. After a miscalculation, the ball hits Gumball and ricochets off into the Robinson's backyard.