The Watterson children are sleeping peacefully before Louie suddenly opens the door and shouts "Breakfast," making them scream. Louie does this again, making them scream again, but before Louie can do it a third time, Gumball suddenly stretches his foot. Louie grabs Gumball, who then grabs Anais, who subsequently grabs Darwin. Louie says that as their new  "Grandfather," he wants to spend some quality time with them, but Anais calls being asleep quality time. The three then proceed to call out their lack of trust in older people's tastes in food (mackerel surprise- the surprise is the fish coming to life), fun (flashing to Granny Jojo getting overly excited about a crossword puzzle), or presents (as in when Granny Jojo bought the kids a single shoe to run around).

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