The episode begins with nursery music. It shows Anais' stuffed toys, Darwin's shoes, and a picture of Gumball and Darwin that has been broken. As Anais explains the crime scene, the music slowly becomes lower and off key, and she investigates the room for clues. The bedroom was trashed because of Gumball And Darwin. She then samples the bowl of spilled milk on the floor, and says there was a lot of sugar in the milk. It cuts to a scene of Gumball and Darwin eating bowls of cereal, causing them to have a sugar rush. She concludes that Daisy was caught between the sugar rush, and something bad happened to her, so Gumball And Darwin had made it look like a robbery by trashing the bedroom. She wasn't 100% sure if that was the case, so she called for Richard and asked him if he knew anything. Richard said he heard a strange noise in the bathroom and Gumball and Darwin left the house in a panic.

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