Template:Spoilerstart Gumball is walking through the hallways of Elmore Junior High. A gigantic Ocho walks behind him, he passes a melting Tobias, and watches a tiny Hector walk past him. Mr. Small is using the payphone, but hangs up using his head instead of the receiver. Gumball then opens his locker and water gushes down at him, and he takes out a pineapple. Richard, with the body of a centaur, gallops in front of him, speaks a garbled language, and gallops away, leaving a trail of rainbow sparkles from his butt.  He sees Penny in front of him, and the hallway falls apart to reveal outer space. Penny sings opera, while Gumball dances towards her. The singing and dancing continues, until Gumball finds Darwin with Penny. They dance together while Gumball watches, shocked. Darwin makes an evil grinning face at Gumball, and kisses Penny. Gumball's pineapple explodes, and Gumball screams. He then finds himself in bed, showing that the preceding events were simply a dream.

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