Template:Spoilerstart The episode opens with Gumball and Darwin frantically running through town for some reason. They keep bumping into Sarah, who tries to greet them over and over. Eventually they stop in time for Sarah to greet them with a cliché pun. Gumball tells her there is no time and he has to do something important but forgets what it is. The Rainbow Factory blows up in the distance. The following day at school, the boys are grieving over the destruction of the building when Sarah shows up and delivers a couple of cliché expressions. Later in the cafeteria, she seats herself next to Gumball and Darwin. She reveals she transferred to Elmore Junior High to be near them, and she wonders what her role is. Gumball suggests she is the "insanely obsessive one," and she enthusiastically takes his statement as a suggestion rather than what she already is, causing her to act as one despite Gumball's protests.

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