The Wattersons are at home, reminiscing and laughing as they go through their family album. The doorbell rings, and as Richard goes to answer it, Mrs. Jotunheim is at the door. She states that since a large portion of Elmore has been damaged after her son's rampage; the Wattersons must pay for the damages and reconstruction. Shortly after she leaves, Principal Brown enters the house and announces that Gumball and Darwin must restart school all the way from kindergarten since all they do at school is aggravate people until they chase them, shocking the whole family. Soon, Richard receives a phone call from the police about being sent to prison if he doesn't pay the fines for his reckless driving, but only manages to shrug it off. The Wattersons discover they must pay the bill worth $800,000 by tomorrow, or they will lose their house. Anais realizes the results of all their reckless actions are finally catching up with them, but before she can formulate a plan, Gumball, Darwin, and Richard run off.

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