The cheerleaders of Elmore Junior High are spending their lunch break practicing on the field. Gumball is spending his own time spectating over them (Penny, in particular), taking a reluctant Darwin along. At first, the day appears to be sunny, with the cheerleaders performing their routine flawlessly and Gumball rooting for Penny. But Darwin snaps Gumball out of his euphoria, making him realize the rainy condition, the routine gone wrong and his cheering over Penny's mishap. This happens in time for him to see Leslie walking Penny off and hugging her, causing the jealousy in Gumball to intervene. Jealousy assumes direct control of Gumball's body and angrily races off towards Leslie, blowing through many obstacles along the way. Unfortunately, he uses too much of his energy on the obstacles, passing out upon reaching Leslie and Penny, who have walked off without noticing him