Template:Spoilerstart Principal Brown asks Gumball and Darwin to show up on his office because he has just been informed that they have neglected the school rules. He figures out they're naked and drew on their bodies to pretend they're wearing real clothes. However, that, obviously, doesn't work and denounces them. They explain him Richard, while they were at home, damaged their clothes and they had to improvise, by painting their bodies. While Principal Brown is reprimanding them for what they have done, Gumball starts checking on Principal's diploma on the wall which attributes him the title of Principal of Elmore School. By analyzing it cautiously, Gumball finds out its fake, meaning that Principal Brown is not a legitimized school principal. Gumball and Darwin, however, promise him that they won't denounce him. Neurotic about the shameful truth which Gumball and Darwin have just discovered, Principal Brown misinterprets their message and assumes they are trying to manipulate him, by using their recent discovery as "blackmail." They decide to go out, feeling that he didn't understand the message they were trying to send. Before leaving the office, Principal Brown takes them inside again, where he suggests providing them special treatment if they don't denounce him. Gumball refuses his offering. They promise him again not to tell the truth and finally go out although it doesn't convince Principal Brown, who's not determined to observe the fall of his career.

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