Template:Spoilerstart Nicole decides to clean out Gumball and Darwin's room, and discovers, along with a glass of petrified milk, Darwin the First's skeleton, and a mutated living slice of pizza, the Dodj or Daar gameboard underneath their bed. Gumball, stating that they "swore never to play it again", quickly snatches it away from her and tosses it into the garbage bag. However, Gumball and Darwin are repeatedly attacked by urges to play Dodj or Daar, so they finally decide to destroy it. 

Rushing outside to the trashcan, they discover that it has been emptied out. They run back into the house to see Anais, Nicole and Richard playing it; Richard is about to throw the dice. They yell "DON'T THROW THE DICE!" and dive towards him, but it is too late. Gumball and Darwin then explain the very real danger that the game poses to their family, but at first their warnings are not heeded. When the "dodj"s start bending reality, Nicole packs up the game, convinced that the effects, being just part of their imagination, will wear off, despite Gumball explaining to them that the effects will only stop when they finish the game.

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