The episode begins withPrincipal Brown breaking the news about Darwin passing the aptitude test. Since this had never happened before, Brown informs The Wattersons hat Darwin has been sent to a government institute for geniuses to have his brain experimented on. The entire family is clearly very upset about this, especially Anais, who claims that the whole operation seems to be a form of quarantine. Brown is intrigued by her insight and wonders if there's another genius in the room, which scares Anais into acting like a fool.Nicole is outraged at this and questions Brown about the ethics of taking a small boy away from his family, but Brown claims that Darwin is only registered as a "pet fish."

Still trying to make himself smart, Gumball looks around the library and sees Teri ,Leslie, and two books, reading books. Gumball finally realizes what he has been needing to do this whole time, watch a book. He finds a book, and sits inbetween Carmen and Carrie who are both studiously reading. Gumball attempts to watch his book, but needs to ask Carmen for help. She's annoyed by him not knowing that he is supposed to read books, and leaves after explaining this. Meanwhile at the house, Rocky is dressed up with fins,green pants and shoes(like the fashion to Darwin) Nicole and Richard attend to his every whim. As Rocky wonders why he is wearing just the clothes they gave him. Nicole creepily tells him to call them Mom and Dad.

As Gumball terribly attempts to read, his brain literally decides that it's had enough and leaves through his ear. Gumball pleads his brain not to go, as he can't possibly pass the test without it. His brain studies until he's ready to take the test. Gumball and his brain confronts Brown to take the test, but the brain knocks Brown down unconscious.Later, at the house, when all hope seems lost, a guilt-stricken Anais reveals that SHE filled out Darwin's aptitude test. Some clipboard guys come to return Darwin after they found out Darwin cheated. To protect Anais, Gumball's brain says that Rocky filled out the test, and they take him away.At the very end of the episode, Rocky is being begged to take the test, but refuses to do so until he gets everything he wants.