Template:Spoilerstart This episode starts out showing Gumball and Darwin on the bench of the Schoolyard, with Masami, Teri, Banana Joe and Hector, who are talking about how great their dads are. Once the kids ask Gumball and Darwin what their father does interesting, Richard pulls up in his car, and overhears the conversation. The only somewhat talents they can think of, sweating without moving and gaining weight, make the kids laugh. They then decide he's only good at embarrassing them all the time and that he can't even cook, as he puts cement instead of flour in his cupcakes. Richard listens and grows more depressed on how they feel about him, and the cement cupcakes he made fall out of the bag and onto the sidewalk, thus proving their point. Richard cries and goes home, dejected.

At The Wattersons' house, Gumball asks Nicole what's for dinner, she says chicken and fries, which in front of both Darwin and him are just an uncooked chicken breast and a dirty potato. Gumball asks Nicole if they can skip for dessert, Anais throws the cupcakes Richard made at them, and Gumball and Darwin don't know what they've done. Anais and Nicole tell them Richard overheard what they said at the playground, and he's been hiding in the shed ever since. Gumball says he will apologize to Richard, if what they said wasn't the truth. Nicole decides since they don't appreciate their parents, until they apologize to their father, they won't do anything else for them. Gumball accepts this challenge as he eats the potato, and Anais and Nicole look at him in curiosity. Nicole then says she paid for that potato, so Gumball spits it into her hand, saying he wasn't hungry anyway.

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