Template:Spoilerstart The episode begins with Richard washing his face to prepare for the day. Gumball and Darwin walk in, and make fun of him for being fat while guessing his age. Richard, offended by this, turns his back on the boys and storms out of the bathroom. Nicole comes in, and asks what they said to him. They say it was a trap, and start making fun of her for being old, and Nicole then leaves angrily, replying that no one stays young forever. The boys begin to notice how they are not growing up, and agree that they will be young forever. Darwin says they will never change, but as he says "change," his voice rapidly begins to change pitch. Gumball asks if he is alright, only to have his voice become so low that the bathroom shakes. Gumball concludes, in an extremely low voice that destroys the bathroom, that their voices are broken.

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