Template:Spoilerstart The episode begins with Gumball and Darwin studying for their math test, but, they get get bored easily, so they start playing, distracting them from studying. The next day, they complain about how they should have studied last night while eating pages off of books to "absorb the information." But then, they realize that they are eating the pages of the wrong book. Since they only have 10 minutes, they both decide to cheat by writing facts on Darwin's face.

Later, they end up in Principal Brown's office, resulting in a Spring break detention. In the detention room, Gumball and Darwin try to talk to each other in secrecy, but, it's revealed that they're actually saying what they were thinking out loud, leading to the duo getting beaten up by the detention "inmates." Gumball and Darwin then decide they must look older in order to get the respect from the detention inmates by drawing fake facial hair with markers, but, it ends up with Gumball getting his face squeezed by the Pink Bear after offending him. The Bomb Guy demands Pink Bear to stop, Gumball then thanks him, and says he owes him one, but the Bomb Guy replies, "You're gonna owe me a lot more than that if you want my protection."

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