Its Granny Jojo's birthday and the family celebrate with a cake, but she was annoyed by the numerous candles on the cake which are more than her current age of 63. The kids apologize since they didn't know her age and guessed it on her looks. They asked her if they can help blowing them out since the cake is close to becoming a bonfire but she said she had experience putting out fires before when she was raising Richard and blew out the candles with a strong gust of wind that pulled back everyone's faces. After that, Richard decided to have a toast, literally as he was eating a toast. Then he gave a speech he written down describing how amazing his Mom is alphabetically. During his speech, Jojo made a comment of how average Nicole looks today, surprising her since that was the least offensive thing she said to her. The kids also noticed how non grumpy she is since she gave them real candy except of her expired medicine, and that she was sincerely smiling. After the speech, Jojo thanks her son for the surprise speech and said she also had a surprise of her own. Before she could reveal it, the doorbell rang and Richard answers it meeting a guy named Louie. Jojo reveals to them that Louie is her new boyfriend. Richard was so far the most shocked to learn of his mother's boyfriend and fainted after being grossed out by them kissing. The Kids and Nicole manages to revive Richard by opening a bag of Nachos in front of him.

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