The episode begins with Gumball speaking about freedom with the rest of the Wattersons, who are ordering food in the Joyful Burger restaurant. After reducing their order due to Richard's appetite, Larry scans Nicole's credit card. The card doesn't go through and Larry states that it has insufficient funds, and the family discovers that their credit funds are non-existent. Anais immediately blames her dad responsible, and Richard replies that he deposited their funds in an offshore bank account, but what he really did was throw the money into the sea. Nicole is so enraged about this that she transforms into a huge muscular beast getting ready to severely scold him but calms down by Richard's "irresistible charm." Realizing that they are now flat broke, the family cries lots of tears which Nicole tells them to drink up since this is the only water they'll get. Larry, however, offers them a solution to their money trouble, a commercial of a family eating at Joyful Burger. He says they are the perfect candidates for the role, but Gumball refuses to let the family sell themselves for easy money and convinces them that they will manage themselves in poverty and dignity.

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