It's Mother's Day and all the students are making cards to express how much gratitude they feel for their respective moms. Gumball and Darwin are making a card that represents Nicole as a superhero. Darwin explains that their card needs more glitter, to which Gumball responds it is already so shiny he needs sunglasses to read it. They start talking about past year, when they offered her a "perfume", which was in reality an air freshener. Nicole, not to disappoint her sons, who intended to impress her in Mother's Day, tried her new "perfume", which burned her eyes. Going back to the present, Darwin points out that their gift made her smell like a car for months, although Gumball responds him that she "loved it". Tobias interjects into their conversation, replying that it's written "Superest Mother in the World" on their card. He claims that his mother is better than theirs, to which Gumball answers that Tobias's mom is only better on being "average", because Nicole is awesome. Banana Joe also decides to interject into the conversation, alleging his mother is the best in the world and indicating that it's written on his card. Gumball replies that, just because he wrote something on a piece of paper, that doesn't mean it's true. Darwin questions Banana Joe about his card and he decides to show it, revealing it's a sad clown although Banana Joe is convinced that it's a banana. On the top, it's written "Superest Mom".

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