The episode starts when Gumball defeats a final boss on an arcade game by using a technique called "button-mashing" and he is told to put three letters as a name for the leaderboard. He first proposes "Gum" and "Bal" until Darwin suggests using his real name, trying to find out what it is. Gumball then gives a long speech lasting most of the day about what he will do to identify his real name. Then at the house, Gumball is talking about his real name as Nicole reveals that it's Zach and he, along with Darwin is whispering it in the school bus. Later, Gumball as an alter ego, goes to school to talk about the school basketball team and band, eating Banana Joe's cousin's face, skipping in line in a supermarket and letting Darwin take his place while shoppers throw items at him. When Darwin comes home, he discovers that Anais now has to live in a shoe, Richard is dressed as a woman and not considered a dad but a "male mother" and their mom has lost in a match between Gumball in being the most obnoxious. Later, the family proposes to change his name to Gumball by going to the Town Hall by driving a car at full speed. Darwin and Anais try to tell Gumball to remember his true identity as in his subconscious; his alter ego tries to modify his memories from being a loser to being always a winner. Meanwhile in the real world, Nicole tries to escape from police and at the paintball match dream as seen in "The Fridge," his arcade memory appears and after realizing that his name is Gumball, Zach disintegrates. Gumball wakes up and signs his nickname into the document, and the bureaucrat tells them that they could have used the internet to change Zach's name.

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