Template:Spoilerstart The episode begins with Gumball and Darwin walking around the neighborhood in Elmore, discussing how Rob, in spite of previously declaring them as sworn enemies, failed to follow up on his threats. While this is happening, however, they neglect to notice Rob's repeated, failed attempts to annihilate them. Rob cracks, confronts the pair and tells them that he has given up on trying to get revenge. Unfortunately for Rob,  Gumball and Darwin refuse to let him give up, proceeding to follow him around throughout the day. After hitching a ride on a bus and tagging along at the grocery store, Gumball decides that what he needs is a villainous name, causing him and Darwin to bombard Rob with ideas. Rob becomes so irritated that he snaps and destroys his groceries, though it was not in vain, and Gumball finally proposes the perfect new name: Dr. Wrecker.

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