The Old Men
Old men
Character Information
Gender: All Males
Species: Clothing
Age: Elder
Occupation: Retired
First Appearance: The Prank

The Old Men are supporting characters in The Amazing World of Gumball. They do stereotypical "old-people" stuff, like senior talent shows, relaxing on the front yard, and telling stories of their youths.


Episode Appearances

  • The Responsible: Gumball and Darwin bump into the Bert while walking Anais at the park. He treats Anais as a pet, prompting her to bite him.
  • The Debt: All of them appear at the talent show (except the Lumpy Old Man) - four of them performing and two of them in the audience.
  • The Laziest: Four of them are lounging out in a yard when Gumball and Darwin ask them about Lazy Larry.
  • The End: the men appear as background characters standing in line in the supermarket.
  • The Prank: Bert watches the paramedics take the bucket off Richard's head.
  • The Kiss: Four of them appear lounging out in a yard when the boxy one ask Gumball to give Granny Jojo "a big kiss from me!" The Purple Deer is also the bus driver of the bus Granny Jojo rides to visit the Wattersons.
  • The Goons : Bert joins The Dumb Race.
  • The DVD: The Purple Deer gives a coin to the Hobo.