Gumball, Darwin, Anais, and Richard are at a garage sale at the Bananas' house. Gumball and Darwin are talking about how nice it is to learn about people through the stuff they own. As they talk, Darwin takes a ski mask and asks what it is, prompting Banana Bob to explain to them that it is his "bananaclava." After Gumball and Darwin are disgusted by one of Banana Bob's things, Anais asks if they have money, and the brothers see her wearing a grotesque mask and get scared and more grossed out. Then once they stop, Gumball admits that the mask that Anais is wearing is the best thing in the garage sale, and asks Banana Joe for its price. Banana Joe asks for half a penny, and Gumball gives him a penny. When Joe insists on half a penny, Gumball tells him that half-pennies don't exist and don't make sense like half a sentence. Joe then brings the price to a quarter of a penny, and Gumball instead takes a painting to try to make the price possible to pay. Banana Joe asks for half a dollar, and Gumball rips up a bill in half. Then he gets mad in frustration when Joe tells him that he could have just given 50 cents. Before he can hit Joe with his painting though, Darwin stops him and points out that the painting is showing them in the present.

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