The episode starts from Nicole's point of view, being forced to deal with a hyperactive 4-year-old Gumball, who does all sorts of mischievious things, such as catapulting oranges, putting objects in the washing machine, breaking the ceiling, and is somehow able to bring both sand and snow into the house. She goes upstairs to find Richard in a bath of grape soda. She then finds Gumball in his room, acting so cute his mother can not even stay mad at him. Tired of their son's behavior, and in desperate need for sleep, the parents decide to get him a pet fish. Gumball is fascinated with his new pet, and decides to call it Darwin. Despite Darwin being unable to respond to his owner, Gumball enjoys playing with him very much. However, one early morning, Darwin does not wake up, and Nicole and Richard realize he is dead. Not wanting to upset Gumball, Richard buys a new fish to replace the dead one without telling his son that his first fish died.

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