The episode starts with Gumball and Darwin reading Anais' diary in their room. The diary explains how Anais made a new friend named Jodie, beginning when Anais gave her a pen. With Gumball imitating Anais' voice, Darwin interrupts him by giving him a warning about reading Anais' diary. However, Gumball ignores him, saying that they did the "pros and cons," which is then shown to be an extensive list, largely of cons, going through much of Elmore. As they read more of Anais' diary, the boys suspect that Jodie is being abusive towards his sister, stealing her lunch, trading science projects so she could get a better grade, and forcing Anais to hold her heavy backpack. Darwin then mentions that Gumball is being overprotective like his mom, but Gumball believes Jodie is a parasite.

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