The episode starts with the Watterson family driving towards the mall for a family day out. As Nicole parks the car in the parking lot, Richard yells at her to stop and take the space that is closer to the entrance. Once she leaves the space for the other one, a car comes and occupies it. When she turns around, another car takes away the space she previously took. Though Nicole is frustrated at the prospect of searching for a new parking space, Gumball points at Betty, who is going back to her car. This prompts the Wattersons to stalk her until she reaches her car. After waiting for a long time for her to move past one car, Anais suggests they should have more details before following someone. She points out three shoppers who are returning to their cars. Shopper no.1 is a family man who is forced to return to his car while his wife goes ahead with more shopping, leaving him to wait for hours. Shopper no.2 is unmarried but is inattentive and may have forgotten where he parked his car. Finally, shopper no.3 has already left the space open while Anais was profiling and some other shopper has taken his space. Gumball then reminds everyone that Betty has reached her car, but to their disappointment, she only stops to catch her breath. Gumball then tries to deceive the Milk Guy into parking the car for them, but fails miserably.

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