The episode starts off with Gumball, Darwin, and Anais getting out of bed and start fighting over the computer. Gumball and Darwin eventually kick Anais out of the room. They finally realize that they now have a password installed onto their computer. Richard then tells them about the password and him trying not to be the bad cop of the situation (Nicole actually was the one behind it).

Gumball types in "PASSWORD" for the password thinking that it is the password. The password he typed in is wrong so Gumball and Darwin slam their heads into the keyboard into the password box. Then they get a hint that says "Favorite Child". Gumball types in his name but it is wrong. Darwin types in his name afterwards which the password is still wrong. Gumball and Darwin then run up to Anais asking her who would be the favorite child if Gumball and Darwin weren't. They then realize that it is Anais who is the favorite child. So they run back to the computer and type in "Anais" as the password. The password is correct making Gumball and Darwin disappointed.

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