The episode begins with Darwin sitting down next to Idaho, with his lunch (which is a potato). Darwin slices open the potato and begins to eat it, right in front of Idaho, to the latter's shock. Gumball then joins them and greets Idaho, then calls him a "brotato". Idaho storms off with his lunch, and Darwin ponders why he is upset, and Gumball points out that the reason is because Darwin is eating potatoes. Darwin then decides never to eat potatoes again, deciding to eat other foods he likes and goes to ask for fries. Gumball points out that those are potato as well, and all of Darwin's other favorite foods are made of potatoes. Darwin calls himself insensitive, and then has a flashback of instances where he does things that involve potatoes in front of Idaho (For example, one instance he had made a birthday cake for Idaho out of a potato.) Darwin calls himself insensitive again, and Gumball decides to help the former with his craving.

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