The episode starts by introducing Nicole, Gumball and Darwin. Nicole claims they are procrastinators because she seems to have asked them to take out the trash, to which Gumball responded that they would do it later. When Nicole tells them they are "procrastinators," a word that Darwin and Gumball don't know, Gumball tries to explain its meaning to his brother, to only end up telling a bunch of stupidities (he says that is person who sits on a sandwich in the dark). Later, when realizing what he just said is obviously wrong, he admits that he doesn't understand the meaning of that strange word Nicole pronounced and points out he only uses the dictionary to scare Richard while sleeping (a flashback is shown, explaining that once Richard vomited his heart because of the scare he had got from Gumball). Anais shows up and states a procrastinator is person who is always trying to avoid his responsibilities by doing something else instead. Gumball laughs at Anais' explanation. Nicole interposes and explains to Gumball that he's such a procrastinator that he only finished his first sentence when he was four years old and the sentence he said was: "I'll do it tomorrow."

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