Template:Spoilerstart After school, Gumball and Darwin search for available seats on the school bus, and they eventually end up at the rear seat with an angry Banana Joe. They wonder why he is so angry, but he doesn't answer. Darwin promises to "find the source of Banana Joe's anger and appease [his] wrath" by the end of the weekend, to which Gumball objects.

The next day, the boys shop for groceries, while Gumball complains about Darwin promising to help Banana Joe instead of playing a new game together this weekend. They recall how excited they are upon learning of the news of The Tale of Zelmore's release, as well as Darwin promising to play with Gumball that day. Darwin tries justifying his promise, plus (failing to) make Gumball feel guilty for his selfishness. Soon Banana Joe shows up at the grocery store, and Darwin whispers to him to meet at the soda machine.

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