Template:Spoilerstart The episode begins with Gumball, Anais, and Darwin rehearsing their attempt to ask Richard for a puppy. However, when they finish, they find that he has disappeared, but then returns home with a box and a sandwich. The children are confused, and Richard explains that he had seen a monkey on TV the day before, claiming that a puppy was cuter than a dog, so that was why he went and bought a sandwich. When the kids ask him what the box contains, he says it's a puppy, earning screams of irritation and frustration at Anais' detailed presentation and their rehearsing being a waste of time. They eagerly open the box, only to be disappointed at the sight of what they see. A frightening looking turtle, and they begin to assume it's an angry green hat, among other accurate descriptions. When Nicole returns home with groceries, she instantly notices the children gathered around the box, and openly states that she hopes it is not a puppy, to which Anais replies that it "definitely isn't a puppy," but Nicole still responds with disappointment as she puts away the groceries. When she begins to bring to topic about how much work taking care of a pet requires, she looks in the box, and in confused fear asks what it is. Richard calls it a Labra Doodle, and then a Labra-Turtle when the turtle hisses at the former. After unsuccessfully trying to explain that they had nothing to do with their father buying the turtle to their mother, she immediately assigns the kids the responsibility of caring for it.

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