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he episode starts with Anais trying to retrieve her pull string donkey,Daisy, from Tobias and Carrie . She asks Gumball to get it back from them. He tries to tell Tobias that if Tobias doesn't give Daisy back, the mountains will shake, cities will crumble, the heavens will be ripped apart, and then a meteor of Gumball's horrible wrath will grind Tobias to dust. He was hoping Tobias would believe him, but Tobias throws it out the window. The camera moves to where Daisy landed, and showed Leslie picking the doll up. At school, Gumball and Darwin try to find Daisy, but Daisy eventually ends up in the hands of Tina through the flick of a finger.Gumball and Darwin are too scared to tell Anais that Tina had Daisy, Gumball and Darwin give Anais a cheap replacement, which is purple while Daizy is pink. When the string of this toy is pulled, it dances and sings in Chinese, while Daisy says "Sweet dreams" and makes donkey noises without movement. Then, one of the fake Daizy's eyes pops out and the toy bursts into flames, burning the plush to reveal the robot in the toy. Anais knows that the boys are lying because their hands are sweaty, they have nervous body language and their eyes roll every time they speak. That night, Anais makes Gumball and Darwin go to Tina 's house and get her her toy back (with some cute eye persuasion). At the dump, which is apparently where Tina lives, they find daisy under Tina 's arm. Anais tosses a pole that Gumball fails to catch and hits Darwin right in the face. They mess around with tina sleeping and get the doll back, but soon get chased by Tina as she tries to steal it back. Tina chases them into an abandoned car, and smashes the roof in just the trio were getting out. They continue running away from Tina . Anais is holding Daisy and trips over a rock. Anais tells Gumball to help her, Anais to throw Daisy him. Darwin points out that Tina is chasing them now, but Gumball said that since he can't catch it will fly somewhere else. Gumball ends up catching Daisy and throws it to Darwin , and gets cornered by Tina .
Anais succeeds trapping Tina under a crane claw, and Tina tells them that she has never had a toy before and that Daisy helped tina to sleep and that it gets scary at night. Anais decides to let Tina keep daisy. Tina warns the trio that her dad eats trespassers, just as her dad walks into screen and roars.


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