Template:Spoilerstart At the dining table for breakfast, the Watterson family excitedly talk about the shows they plan on watching that evening. Gumball and Darwin want to watch Cutie Pets to see a submitted picture set to be featured, Nicole wants to watch Win or Don't Win to win a new microwave, and Anais wants to watch a new episode of the Daisy the Donkey show. All is well until they discover that their respective shows are scheduled to air at eight o'clock. They all rush into the living room in a race for the remote. Richard informs them that he has been saving his seat all night for the series finale of a soap opera entitled La Casa De Las Lagrimas, having already hidden the remote prior. After informing the family of this, he promptly falls asleep on the couch. An argument ensues in the living room, which goes on until Anais exasperatedly decides to go to her room, loudly wishing she could buy her own remote. Hearing this, Nicole leaves to do so herself.