The episode opens with a video on safety called "Watch Out Little Teddy." It revolves around Little Teddy, an accident prone bear, who is repeatedly injured and then reprimanded by the narrator for being unsafe. The video's creepy and unsettling nature frightens Mr. Small and the students, but no one is more affected than Darwin. On the way home, Darwin starts being overprotective of Gumball, and jumps into action at even the slightest perceived threat.

The next day, Gumball wakes up and later discovers that Darwin has put a child filter on the house, and that he cannot say any swear words (even though he does not know any). All the food has been replaced by pure protein, carbohydrates, fat, and vitamins because Darwin is worried about harmful substances. Darwin states that it is for their own good, much to Gumball's irritation. Richard, Anais, and Nicole repeat it in a dazed voice, then afterwards Darwin stops Richard from eating too many vitamins.

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