The episode begins in the school library, with Gumball eating a bag of chips rather noisily while Darwin is trying to research something on a computer. Darwin shushes him several times, causing Gumball to give up on the chips and open a soda instead. Finally, Darwin snaps, and reminds Gumball that food and drinks are not allowed in the library. Gumball then mocks him and asks him if he thinks that he is a klutz, before slipping and crashing into the computer, somehow setting fire to it in the process. Gumball tries putting the fire out with the soda bottle, only to worsen the situation. He finally resorts to pounding on the computer with a fire extinguisher, only to demolish it. The librarian sees this and runs over to scold Gumball. However, Alan, who was watching the whole thing, takes the blame and the librarian gives him detention instead.

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