Gumball and Penny are acting out the final scene of their school play, Beauty and the Beast, Gumball as the Beast and Penny as Beauty. At the final resolution, Penny announces they should kiss, Gumball fills with shock unsure of what she was doing because their was never any kiss in the script or in rehearsals, because she is improvising one. But the play is fast drawing to a close, so he attempts to kiss her but does so too quickly and inadvertently head-butts her through so.

In the dressing room, Gumball is upset over having fumbled on his kiss, and it turns out his headbutting has caused Penny's shell to crack on her eye. She is worried, and Darwin tries to cover her crack up, without success. Reluctantly they all decide to face Mr. Fitzgerald, who is dismayed upon discovering the crack on his daughter's face. Gumball argues that whatever is underneath her shell is nothing to be ashamed of, but Mr. Fitzgerald prohibits him and her from seeing each other again.

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