The episode begins with the bathroom getting demolished. Richard is then using tools to hang a picture of the Watterson's vacation outside the bathroom, unaware that his actions ended up demolishing the bathroom. Louie, who is with him, commented about how great that vacation was, but Richard ended up with sunburned skin which he peels off and eats. Louie suggests he be more mindful of his diet; Richard replies that he never had anyone to share that kind of wisdom with him, and that he wished to call Louie "Dad". Despite the awkwardness, Louie delivers the big news, that he and Jojo are getting married. Richard, stunned by the news, grinds his teeth to hold back his outrage, saying he was alright with it. Louie was impressed since he was expecting him to explode. It happened moments later when Richard's grinding teeth ignited the gas leak in the bathroom, triggering the explosion and sending Louie flying outside. He dusted himself off and went back inside with Jojo who asked him how it went. The kids went up to see Richard who is still stunned and figured that Louie told him the news. Richard declares that he will not let Louie take away his mother, but Darwin tries to reason with Richard to adopt a positive attitude for Louie. Richard then began to think about what Darwin said, and Gumball, fearing what their dad might do, intervenes and tells him not to adopt Louie for the power to forbid the marriage. Richard, however, was thinking of something else and decides to go along with Gumball's idea.

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