At school, some students are auditioning for roles in a play. When it's Gumball's turn to act, he disappoints Mr. Small with his acting and Robin Hood outfit. Gumball protests against Mr. Small because the play is so boring, and points out that Darwin doesn't even have a role. After Mr. Small asks him to audition "properly," Gumball says he is a serious actor. When he asks for Gumball's headshot, Gumball gives Mr. Small a literal headshot with a bow and arrow. With a non-lethal toy arrow stuck to his head, Mr. Small panics, and Gumball tries to apologize and undo his action.

At the principal's office, Gumball is given detention for the rest of the month for shooting an arrow at a teacher's head. When Gumball tries to demonstrate what actually happened (in an attempt to get a lighter punishment), he accidentally flicks a paper clip into Principal Brown's eye and makes him fall out of a window. Principal Brown extends Gumball's punishment to three months detention after his injuries, and after Gumball causes another paper clip to set the fire alarm off.

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