Gumball and Darwin encounter Rocky in the hallway, who finally understands what they were trying to tell Brown and Miss Simian, and lends them his crowbars before jumping out the window with the other faculty members.

Mr. Small is still struggling inside the filing cabinet, somehow making it move across the floor, when Gumball and Darwin rush inside. Unsure of what to do, they begin smashing the crowbars against the cabinet, which, of course, does nothing but cause Mr. Small more pain. Mr. Small then tells them what they should obviously be doing with the crowbars, trying to pry open the drawer of the cabinet. They try to, but their efforts only result in the cabinet collapsing onto the floor with Mr. Small still trapped inside.

Everyone stares accusingly at Richard, who looks worried before confessing that he really did eat their homework, supposedly to gain it's knowledge. Principal Brown dismisses them of all charges, but asks them if they knew where Mr. Small was, since he had been missing and all the evidence the found was a sock, the Silence Snake. Upon seeing the puppet, Gumball and Darwin get frightened and claim not to know what became of Mr. Small.

The episode ends with Rocky mopping up the hallway, with the panicked screams of Mr. Small, still trapped in the cabinet. Rocky dismisses it as nothing, and continues mopping elsewhere.