The episode starts with Gumball and Darwin's dilemma of not having enough money for a new movie called The Screamening. Anais comes into the room with her piggy bank, saying that she has money, but Gumball and Darwin admit that they have already taken the money from it in the past. They also admit that they've raided Anais' safe. Anais mentions that Nicole had just given her $30, and would allow Gumball and Darwin to have it if they let her watch the movie with them. Gumball refuses to take her since it is a scary movie and it will leave her traumatized, so he decides to wait for his allowance at the end of the week. Anais taunts Gumball, emphasizing the fact that he must avoid spoilers for the whole week. Darwin realizes that The Screamening is a scary horror movie, and starts pestering Gumball with questions as they go to school.

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